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Creator's Club is a digital space designed to help emerging musicians develop. The Club was founded and developed by Abby Sarabia in late 2020 and launched in April 2021.  We are currently home to 1,100 musicians worldwide.

We aim to provide musicians with events, education, community, networking opportunities, and support resources.

Community, networking opportunities by location or genre, education resources, and connection to industry professionals are just a few benefits you can expect by becoming a member.  

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Creator's Club


The Creator's Club team is a diverse group of emerging musicians with years of experience in the DIY scene. We come together to provide our club members with an engaging community and build interactive resources.

Xavvi of Orlando
Melissa Rurangirwa of Houston
LunaDay of Toledo
Porter Gannon of San Diego
JT Sutek of Charlotte North Carolina


Creator's Club Logo



Creator's Club is the place for musicians to find a community of similar-minded artists. All members of our club are committed to developing their careers in some capacity. If you need music friends, the club is your place. 



Creator's Club is committed to providing musicians with educational resources on all things music. We also believe it's essential to teach artists success from a holistic standpoint, such as financial development, self-care, professional development, and much more. 



One of indie musicians' biggest barriers is connecting with the right people. Creator's Club gaps the bridge by providing events connecting artists and the pros. Our exclusive interviews invite the professionals behind the chart-topping hits to drop gems, meet, and connect with our members.

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