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The budding star based out of Los Angeles is back at it again, and this time with a new track produced by ObieIII titled “When You’re Lonely.” LÉA THE LEOX brings her soft vocals to a deep and ambient soundscape. Taking her music-filled childhood from Brockton, MA and transforming it into a talent for singing we don’t see often, LÉA THE LEOX has quickly built the reputation for having strong vocal control and depth in her songwriting. “When You’re Lonely” sets the tone for her upcoming EP “Purpose,” and details a story of betrayal, reminiscence and overcoming. The single was originally written to grieve a love that was unrequited, with LÉA THE LEOX conveying her emotions of being taken advantage of. We find the singer reflecting on her past relationship and accepting what happened within it. ObieIII also sets himself apart in this track as he has been able to develop a powerful sound, full of breadth, texture and emotion. The vulnerability in “When You’re Lonely” has become a common theme throughout LÉA THE LEOX’s catalog, and it is what makes her enticing as an artist. She excels at relating her content to the masses, understanding that connection and shared experiences are what bring in real fans.

LÉA THE LEOX and ObieIII last worked together on “T.V.” a single we graciously discovered here at I.S.T.A. This Nu-Disco Dance-inducing track has generated significant attention across placements, press and social media. The track landed her on the cover of a few notable playlists, including Pop Hype on Audiomack. Along with her success with the press, LÉA THE LEOX has been dominating her live shows. She’s surely creating a buzz with her latest performances around Los Angeles and Chicagoland areas. She even sold out her own headlining show in Chicago. In preparation for her EP, LÉA THE LEOX will be performing a series of shows around Los Angeles with dates for these shows posted on her site. The future is bright for LÉA THE LEOX and there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling for her talent. We cannot wait to keep covering her growth and expect nothing short of amazing from LÉA THE LEOX and her team. Stream "When You’re Lonely” on all platforms and get ready for the “Purpose” EP expected to drop in April of this year.

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Vulnerability and emotion are really what embody music and Sam Opoku has shown he is capable of delving deeply into both with his latest single “Old.” The Ghanaian American singer, songwriter and producer has delivered us a smooth masterpiece, in the form of an ode to his life experiences. He has been making his mark on the music scene by using his international roots to bridge the sounds of both cultures. Coming to the US at the age of 7, Sam Opoku taught himself how to play keys, produce and write music all from his bedroom studio. The melodies and harmony within “Old” show Sam’s knack for developing catchy pop melodies and putting pen to paper. His extraordinary songwriting skill has led him to being a finalist in the American National PoetryOutLoud Championship several years in a row. His ear for music and attention to lyricism shows itself in every song as he infuses each phrase with poetry.

Sam Opoku released his debut single “The One” in 2018, a bouncy Afropop tune that sees the singer serenading his love interest in pop star fashion. The track made its way across Ghanaian radio and beyond, being featured on Accra’s number one radio station, live FM, at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks. Sam continued his musical run with “Love Somebody,” a heartfelt earworm which was featured on the Afrobeat Hits Playlist, Discover Weekly and 101.1 AZ heat radio. Sam Opoku has also seen his music debut on Elevator magazine, allowing him to continue his streak of high-quality music while garnering a strong fan base.

Old” is really a beautiful culmination of what Sam Opoku has been able to accomplish these last few years. Blending beautiful vocals with a sentimental beat and story. I felt myself singing along and delving into his world for those few minutes. This track really brings the emotion out and makes you wish for the innocence you once had as a child. Sam touches on heartbreak and how the obstacles in his life have altered his views on life. Sitting at a bar and reminiscing is something most of us end up doing at some point but wondering if the younger version of yourself would be proud of who you are today goes even deeper than that. I really felt like I could relate to every aspect of “Old” and that’s why it hit so hard for me. The music video to this song does a wonderful job of portraying the overall story, seeing Sam chase his younger self and reliving his childhood piece by piece. Directed by RD3media, Sam Opoku has laid out the groundwork for a successful and meaningful release.

We absolutely love the work Sam has put into this single and can’t wait to hear more as 2023 progresses. The new year should bring new breath as Sam Opoku leaves his footprint in the industry.

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A man of many hats, BOB ALMiGHTY is delivering some Conscious Crank music from his hometown of Laurel, MD. While balancing his responsibilities as an artist, producer, engineer, and videographer, BOB ALMiGHTY is able to create music about his personal life with a deep or simple meaning, but over various styles of beats. BOB ALMiGHTY is known for fun ecstatic raps, clever punchlines, aggressive monotone raps with world play and heavy auto-tune love songs. The Maryland rapper fits in no box, as he loves to explore and try different things when it comes to his music making process. With his brand “Your Favorite Artists” BOB ALMiGHTY believes that your favorite artist should be YOU.

The track that caught our attention this week is “Front Porch,” a witty track with strong bars and a smooth flow. The song is currently going viral sitting at just over 800k streams and millions of views on social media. His growth as an unsigned artist is paramount and he encourages artists to also have a DIY approach to their craft. “An artist creates. You have the freedom to create your own reality, the power to manifest what you believe in. Your Favorite Artist is just you being your number 1 fan, and pushing yourself to be the best YOU, you can be. If you aren’t your favorite artist, then who is?” BOB ALMiGHTY explained.

As “Front Porch” has been rising in popularity, BOB ALMiGHTY and his team decided to release the perfect visuals to match the energy of the viral track. Shot by TOASTWORLDWIDE, ShootingNIRO, Mark Crooks, and edited by BOB ALMiGHTY and TOASTWORLDWIDE, the official video for “Front Porch” shows a sense of community, all while enjoying the bop of the track. It’s just filled with positive energy and a carefree attitude that blends well with the lyrics of the song. Mix and mastered by Maestrorunninit, “Front Porch” gives us a glimpse into the future of what BOB ALMiGHTY is bound to become. The structure is solid, levels are great, and the bulk of the bars are all strong on their own but work amazingly together.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, BOB ALMiGHTY shared “I was working on a tape called “DARKSIDE” that dropped October of 2021. It was about my current feelings of depression, anxiety, and just feeling stuck in the same spot for so long. I was mad as hell one day, went down to my home studio and “Front Porch” came out.” He went on to say “I was originally going to name all the songs on the tape an emotion I was feeling at the time, but it wasn’t working out. “Front Porch” was called “Built Up Aggression,” but… “Front Porch” sounded way cooler.” The only barriers to the track itself turned out to be BOB ALMiGHTY’s own procrastination and overthinking. Deciding to become more consistent eventually turned his life around and we are now seeing the product of that change.

The track took some time to hit virality. Dropping in October of 2021 and not getting traction until July of 2022, “Front Porch” is a great example of the positive results of consistency. BOB ALMiGHTY wanted everyone to know the importance of promoting all of your work, regardless of how old it is. We love the enthusiasm BOB ALMiGHTY has. Not only in his music, but in his personality and vibes as a whole. We are definitely rooting for BOB ALMiGHTY in 2023 and can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next.

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