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The City Of Boston Finds Talent In Upcoming Artist E-Los

Written By: Xavvi

E-Los, rapper/singer/songwriter, poses for a music photo shoot.
Rapper/Singer/Songwriter E-Los of Boston, MA

The City Of Boston Finds Talent In Upcoming Artist E-Los

From amassing 200K+ streams on Spotify, to stepping in the booth with professionals in the industry, E-

Los is working towards year 5 of making a name for himself with his music. His melodic raps and soft

touch on delicate vocal ranges has led E-Los to diversify is talent and develop a varied catalog of bangers. From heartbreak to happiness, E-Los isn’t afraid to touch on some vulnerable topics, but it’s that same vulnerability that has led him to build a fan base strong enough to support his music and merchandise. Having mentioned his work with music professionals, 2020 marked E-Los’ first big step to making his dream a reality. While balancing schedules between school and music, E-Los was able to snag a big feature from New York’s own Jay Critch for his single “Bad Habits.”

The inspiration for the track came from an overall mood that E-Los had been in, giving him the energy to produce the bop of a song that it is. “Ain’t no time for sleep/Sh*t, but your b*tch got time for me/Hit it real fast she leave/Sh*t, she brought that gas to me/Yeah, stay wet like gasoline/She know I’ma savage B/Hold up, feds is at door/N*gga go ‘head stash the weed.” Seeing him and Jay Critch play off each other and the party vibes of the video really brings it all together. Following this release, E-Los was quick to push out more music when he dropped his single “Detached.”

In this track, E-Los touches on loneliness and loss of identity. The heavy lyrics still hit deep, as E-Los guides the listener during his process of reminiscing on a past relationship. He explained it as “…it was a feeling of being drained, giving everything to one thing and

feeling like you still weren’t enough…” One of his most recent drops in 2022 came with his track “Her Story.”

Starting the year of right, E-Los focuses on the relationship he had between himself and his ex-girlfriend. A relationship in which one party was constantly trying to find themselves and trying to learn how to love. The emotional toll it takes on the receiving end really hits hard when listening intently to the lyrics. All his projects reflect E-Los’ multifaceted approach to music, making him more than just a rapper. As he continues to push out more and more music, we look forward to seeing his rise to greatness.

Rapper/Singer/ Songwriter, E-Los of Boston, MA performs on stage.
E-Los performing on stage

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