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BriGuel Delivers A Holiday Gift with “Thank You, Love”

The New York City duo is back at it again with their latest release “Thank You, Love.” Released December 9th, “Thank You, Love” follows their most recent single “Lately,” this time taking a slightly different approach to their sound. Filled with sweet harmonies and pulsing synthesizers, this Latin Pop track expresses love and appreciation for the people we all hold close. Smooth vocals, provided by Brianne Berkson, fill the song with emotion and depth, while the close-out by Miguel Gluckstern provides a much-needed punch. The production team of Matt Chiaravalle and Bryant Page really bring the project together, right in time for the holidays.

Alongside the track’s release, BriGuel developed a video series highlighting different types of love. Whether it’s for family, friends, or ourselves. The duo encourages us to celebrate the love found in moments big and small. When asked about the inspiration behind “Thank You, Love,” BriGuel shared “We created ‘Thank You, Love’ not only as a love song and anthem for each other and our daughters, but also as a song that crosses all boundaries and borders. A song that expresses gratitude for those special people in your life that continue to support you in every single way. Everyone should be able to show and receive love in all its forms.”

The performance, mix, and production are all there in this track. We absolutely love the cohesiveness of this body of work and appreciate how BriGuel brought the feelings of their lyrics to life. With it only being the second time we’ve covered them, we are looking forward to what 2023 has in store. Perhaps a full-length project? We can’t wait.

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