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Catch A Vibe With Mac Stylez And Jimmy Alexander

Vocal range, vocal range, vocal range, that’s the only thought that came across my mind while listening to “Fresh.” It’s rare to find a newer artist with such a strong vocal range. Mac Stylez has the ability and knows how to use it. Singing and making music since the age of 6, Mac Stylez has had the blessing of being around talented musicians his entire life, with that passion for music having been passed down to him. Originally from the United States, but currently residing in Australia, Mac Stylez has been involved in countless bands and music projects which have had great success. It is only now that Mac Stylez is finally stepping out as a solo artist, ready to show the world his musical prowess.

The collaboration between Mac Stylez and Jimmy Alexander on this track seems effortless, but Mac shared with us some of the barriers that this track provided, “Originally this song was written during the Covid lockdowns. So me and my band mate had to coordinate schedules to allow for writing sessions on Zoom. We also couldn’t make it to record vocals until the lockdowns lifted and studios reopened. So that made the completion of this song really difficult.” With all that in the way, Mac Stylez was still able to create a track that was inspired by the desire to create a song that people of all ages and walks of life can groove to. Mac just wants people to enjoy the song and catch on to the positive energy it gives. We love this release and can’t wait to hear more.

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