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Catch Some Feelings With MC Imprint

A surprise submission this week came in the form of “For The Better (feat. ELLIS!)” by MC Imprint, an artist that wasn’t on my radar, but has since cemented a place on it. Coming in with a vibrant energy to back his bars, MC Imprint is ready to step out of Long Beach and into the spotlight. “Turn your pain into art” is the motto, and MC Imprint embodies it fully. Taking a step away from a life of drugs and alcohol 14 years ago, MC Imprint has spent his sober years focused on music. This new endeavor has led him to amazing opportunities, opening for artists such as: J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign, Fat Joe and many more. He’s also seen the stage at SCSW, Power 106 FM’s Powerhouse and other shows.

For The Better” introduces ELLIS!, the artist hiding inside Dylan Reese’s brain, on the hook, allowing MC Imprint to focus on the flows. He shows a great cadence, incorporating flow switches throughout the track. Listener’s can get their fix of smooth R&B vocals and classic Hip Hop bars. The overall theme is about the love between two individuals that have a bond tighter than ever. MC Imprint expresses that not only is his partner his lover, but she is also his best friend. The kind of chemistry and romance everyone wishes for and dreams about. MC Imprint is able to tap into that feeling and produce a track with real sentiments and good vibes.

Recently, MC Imprint has released a new single in the form of “Bang,” a hyped and motivational track with aspirations of becoming a west coast anthem. The premise of the track is making a dope song without having to curse, degrade women or promote violence. There has been some recent consistency with MC Imprint’s work, and we expect to see more of the same. Listen to MC Imprint on the I.S.T.A Playlist.

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