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Cruise Around To “Tether” By Care Control

Updated: May 2

Tether by Care Control

Good times and good vibes attached to a relatable situation is what makes “Tether” by Care Control an amazing song to play on your next road trip. From the production to the genuine vulnerability of the lyrics, Care Control delivers on this track. Currently based out of Long Beach, California, Care Control has been making music for almost 6 years, honing in on his niche and unique sound. Care Control created “Tether” with the help of ToyBear who helped him flush out the ideas and structure for the song. He also employed the help of his friends during the finetuning process. Candidate helped Care Control create the live version which is available to watch on YouTube.

The true essence of this single was inspired by a conversation Care Control had with one of his closest friends. “We talked about how scary it is that we have so many inherited responsibilities that no one is able to escape. The feeling of wanting to ignore those and just live burns inside of all of us” he shared. These emotions and thought shine through in the lyrics of “Tether” with just the right ambience surrounding it to aid in its delivery.

Lyrics of Tether

Care Control stated that time was a major obstacle in the creation of this single. He said “I wanted to make the song not seem so emotionally heavy. I wanted the production to shine through and really create an atmosphere around the song. Only when you really listen do you know that it’s a little deeper.” He also wanted his fans to know that “…it took me way too long to finish this song. This was one of those songs that I really loved, and I wanted it to be as close to perfect as I can get it. A lot of revisions and a lot of car checks.” As stated before, you can hear and feel the emotion of this song as Care Control shows an excellent capability to deliver a story through his lyrics. “Tether” is definitely one of my favorites and I can’t wait to hear more from the California artist.

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