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Ease The Pain With Lvni.Brynn’s New Single “Too Long”

LVNI.Brynn posing in the studio for her new single release "Too Long"

The heartfelt nature of R&B, mixed with strong flows and relatable lyrics; That’s what Lvni.Brynn brings to the game, and it is evident in her latest release “Too Long.” A singer, songwriter and producer bringing melodic vocals to a variety of R&B production styles. This budding artist fell in love with music at the tender age of 3, discovering new ways of interpreting music at different stages of her life. Practice and dedication in the dark has led to her finally releasing music to the public in 2020, amassing more than a quarter million streams since. Her latest venture finds her stuck in a situation that many of us are familiar with, toxic relationships.

lvni.brynn, "Too Long", album artwork.

Lvni.Brynn’s shared her inspiration for the track, “Not wanting to give up on a relationship, but feeling forced to. Sometimes things get to the point where you’re sacrificing your self-respect and wellness to maintain something that's already broken. I just felt like I was trying to water the wrong plant for too long. So, I cried about it, then I wrote about it.” This kind of vulnerability tends to be tucked away in most people, but Lvni.Brynn has found the courage to bring it out to the limelight. Turning a negative moment in her life to a story others can feel in their soul, that is the power of music.

The song itself is not only written and performed by her, but she also handled the production on it as well. Everything sounds smooth, allowing her voice to blend in with the beat. It’s evident that Lvni.Brynn has put plenty of time into her craft, and it’s exciting knowing someone so young is already so talented. When asked what she wanted the public to know about the project, she said “I wanted listeners to know that this song is for you to make letting go less painful.

LVNI.Brynn posing in the studio for her new single release "Too Long"

You can smile and let go, you can be happy and let go, and I hope this song makes you dance while you do it too.” Through her lyrics, you can tell that her story and emotion is genuine. “It’s tough when songs are about other people, even partially. If it’s a person/people you’re actively trying to get over, it feels regressive just talking about them, let alone singing about it," she explained. I think my biggest takeaway from the track was that she was able to focus on her storytelling, lyrical structure and melody, all while avoiding overproduction. Lvni.Brynn has done a great job allowing her natural voice to shine through, giving us a nice pure vocal in a professional manner. The future is bright for Lvni.Brynn so run up those numbers on “Too Long,” available now.

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