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Feel That Toronto Love With Pisceze’s “How About Us?”

Updated: May 2

ISTA Artist Highlight

With a unique blend of R&B, Soul and K-pop influences, Toronto-based artist Pisceze has handed us a gem with “How About Us?” which features A$AP Twelvyy and 11:11. Born of Japanese-Korean heritage and a Western upbringing, Pisceze uses her music and sound as a form of reflection, focusing on her diverse background and emotional intelligence. Pisceze has been honing in on her sound, fleshing out her niche and developing an artistry her fans thoroughly love. The topic of love itself weighs heavily within her music. You can find her delivering raw emotion from track to track and delving into the introspection of love and relationships. Since the release of her debut singles “Like That” and “What’s Your Sign?” in 2019, Pisceze has been able to garner the appropriate attention amongst music lovers and industry heavyweights alike. She has since earned recognition from BBC 1xtra, Live Nation, LinkUpTV, The Joe Budden Podcast and Clout. Racking up over a million streams is no small feat, but hearing the talent behind Pisceze’s unique voice and sound makes it more than understandable. Fans have clearly grown to love her sound and so have we.

Pisceze’s sound has continued to evolve with each release, from hit songs “Dodging Bullets” and “Five” to “Phone Call” and “Slip n’ Slide.” Her talent and dedication to her craft have earned her a coveted spot on Complex Canada’s “6 Artists We’ve Been Sleeping On” list. Her latest releases serve as testaments to her growth as an artist and songwriter. On tracks suck as “Red Handed” and the amazing “How About Us?” Pisceze can be heard showcasing her signature silky smooth vocals along fire beats. With “How About Us?” specifically, she has shown an ability to mix well with other artists, all while holding her own when standing next to established industry professionals. Using her vocal mastery to set the tone for the track was the right move, allowing everything else to fall into place. The XOE, Kovi and Enrgy produced track serves as an excellent introduction to Pisceze’s discography.

pisceze rnb singer

Over these last few years, Pisceze has been cementing her position as one of the industry’s most exciting newcomers. With a vision to shape the world of music in her own unique way, Pisceze is ready to hit the main stage. The Toronto artist is a true talent to watch, and her passion and dedication to her craft are sure to inspire music lovers and aspiring artists for years to come. We’re looking forward to what’s next in Pisceze’s music career.

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