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Fifth Lucky Dragon Brings A New Vibe To Electropop

Fifth Lucky Dragon has really done it. The latest release “Mango” is such a breath of fresh air that everyone at I.S.T.A. stopped to replay it again and again. Drawing comparisons to Glass Animals, twenty one pilots and MGMT, Fifth Lucky Dragon blends cutting edge pop production with introspective lyrical exploration.

Pop artist, Fifth Lucky Dragon posing for the release of his new single, Mango.
Fifth Lucky Dragon

Using metaphors that create images that he recalls from his childhood is what the creator of Fifth Lucky Dragon aims for. Louis Imperiale out of Indianapolis, IN is the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, producer and creative director behind Fifth Lucky Dragon. “Mango” is just his most recent project, and it comes to us in the form of an eclectic indie pop anthem that has an essence of Harry Styles, Conan Gray and COIN. Louis told us “It dances around summer romance and tasting someone’s Chapstick as well as the nostalgic image of jumping on trampolines instead of stressing out.”

Having already received attention from Mystic Sons, Pop Passion, WEAREYMX and New Indie Radar, it looks like Fifth Lucky Dragon is on the way up. Louis Imperiale shared with us how much of an emphasis he originally placed in producing. Uncovering insecurities about the lyrics, melodies, and performance behind his initial bodies of work. This introspection has allowed him to take a step back and really focus on what’s important in his music, the


Pop artist, Fifth Lucky Dragon posing for the release of his new single, Mango.

Simplifying the production and allowing listeners to truly hear what he was saying is how he ended up creating this amazing song. Following along this newly discovered way of producing, Fifth Lucky Dragon plans on releasing a new single “Don’t Look Too Far Ahead” on the 27 th of October, that focuses on using the image of the floor turning into lava to communicate how it feels when he spends so much energy worrying about the future that he has none for the present. We are looking forward to seeing Fifth Lucky Dragon’s growth.

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