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Fight For Love With Reem’s Latest “Crazy 4 U”

Christian Hip Hop is alive and well with artists like Reem emerging and taking leaps forward in their musical careers. The 23-year-old artist was born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Forrest City, AR due to Hurricane Katrina. Writing his own music and playing instruments since the age of 13, Reem has taken a different path in Hip Hop and it shows with his single “Crazy 4 U.” With a strong foundation, and recent nomination for Gulf Coast Gospel Music Christian Hip Hop Artist Of The Year in 2019, Reem is looking for any way to propel his music forward and into the spotlight. So far he as performed at 2 music festivals and has also been on a 4 city tour. With popular tracks such as “Lord Forgive Me” and “Got it bad,” Reem has been able to rack up over 100K streams across multiple platforms independently. “Crazy 4 U” sees the young artist fighting to keep his relationship together and expressing the love one has for their soulmate.

When asked about what inspired him to write this song, Reem told us “Not only was I going through things in my personal life that inspired the song. I also felt that music these days doesn’t support fighting for love and wanting the other person to stay. It just supports moving on and cutting people off which in some situations is probably for the best, but what about the other people? I wanted people that want to fight for relationships and friendships to have a song they can relate to.” Reem expressed his nervousness when releasing the track, since it is a different style from the rest of his catalog. Taking a step outside of his norm and testing his comfort zone has created a single worth listening to. The vulnerability in “Crazy 4 U” leaves the artist open for criticism, but the strength to release it into the public is evident within Reem. Reem wanted the world to know that “…this song was written for the moment you need it. I didn’t write this song for it to be played in every club in LA. I wrote this for the person listening to it to know they aren’t alone in their situation.” A big thank you to Reem for letting us into his mind and giving us access to his soul. Songs like “Crazy 4 U” will take you far if you let them.

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