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Get In Your Feels With Sam Opoku’s “Old”

Updated: May 2

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Vulnerability and emotion are really what embody music and Sam Opoku has shown he is capable of delving deeply into both with his latest single “Old.” The Ghanaian American singer, songwriter and producer has delivered us a smooth masterpiece, in the form of an ode to his life experiences. He has been making his mark on the music scene by using his international roots to bridge the sounds of both cultures. Coming to the US at the age of 7, Sam Opoku taught himself how to play keys, produce and write music all from his bedroom studio. The melodies and harmony within “Old” show Sam’s knack for developing catchy pop melodies and putting pen to paper. His extraordinary songwriting skill has led him to being a finalist in the American National PoetryOutLoud Championship several years in a row. His ear for music and attention to lyricism shows itself in every song as he infuses each phrase with poetry.

Sam Opoku released his debut single “The One” in 2018, a bouncy Afropop tune that sees the singer serenading his love interest in pop star fashion. The track made its way across Ghanaian radio and beyond, being featured on Accra’s number one radio station, live FM, at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks. Sam continued his musical run with “Love Somebody,” a heartfelt earworm which was featured on the Afrobeat Hits Playlist, Discover Weekly and 101.1 AZ heat radio. Sam Opoku has also seen his music debut on Elevator magazine, allowing him to continue his streak of high-quality music while garnering a strong fan base.

Old” is really a beautiful culmination of what Sam Opoku has been able to accomplish these last few years. Blending beautiful vocals with a sentimental beat and story. I felt myself singing along and delving into his world for those few minutes. This track really brings the emotion out and makes you wish for the innocence you once had as a child. Sam touches on heartbreak and how the obstacles in his life have altered his views on life. Sitting at a bar and reminiscing is something most of us end up doing at some point but wondering if the younger version of yourself would be proud of who you are today goes even deeper than that. I really felt like I could relate to every aspect of “Old” and that’s why it hit so hard for me. The music video to this song does a wonderful job of portraying the overall story, seeing Sam chase his younger self and reliving his childhood piece by piece. Directed by RD3media, Sam Opoku has laid out the groundwork for a successful and meaningful release.

Sam Opoku

We absolutely love the work Sam has put into this single and can’t wait to hear more as 2023 progresses. The new year should bring new breath as Sam Opoku leaves his footprint in the industry.

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