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It’s Time For Love Music With Reggie Becton

Straight out of PG County, Maryland, Reggie Becton delivers a banger this week in the form of “Sway.” Discovering the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Prince, Tank, Avant and Brandy at the young age of 17, Reggie Becton has developed his own approach to the music he grew up loving. Since his teen years, Reggie has worked with and been mentored by musicians who’ve written and produced for top voices in R&B. “Sway” is one of his latest releases, blending a fire beat with his soft vocals to create an absolute vibe. His music is described as a breath of fresh air, with the right amount of nostalgia, creating a unique fusion of classic R&B and new wave rock & soul.

Produced and written by Reggie Becton, Aidan Carroll and Jahnei Clarke, “Sway” is one of the more complete songs we’ve reviewed this week. I fell in love with the flow of his main verse in which Reggie Becton ties witty references into his storytelling. “You can’t keep my name out your mouth, I’m like a dentist. We keep going back and forth, Serena and Venus.” The visuals for this single are also amazing. The cuts and multiple scenes all fit that 90’s/early 00’s R&B mood. The video production matches the music production to create an experience we won’t soon forget.

As a bold storyteller, shooting straight from the heart with every emotion, Reggie Becton has a bright future ahead of him. His music is an audible depiction of the emotional complexities that millennial men face when dealing with love, life, and loss. Although Reggie likes to see himself as a voice for men, women continuously find his music endearing largely due to the honesty found in his lyrics and the vulnerability that can be heard in his tone. This level of talent doesn’t go unnoticed, and his numbers represent that. We look forward to hearing what’s up next for Reggie Becton.

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