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Jet Vesper Grooves On With “Slide Don’t Make A Cruise”

Mentioned in NME’s 100 essential new artists, Jet Vesper has left me astounded with his latest single “Slide Don’t Make A Cruise.” Jet uses his unique take on ‘70s funk to deliver music that just gets you moving. Jet Vesper has a sound that flows smoothly through to your ears and leaves you with that groove bug. The up-and-coming artist dropped this single along with the announcement of his debut album “Daybreak at the Electric.” With music that oozes sun, travel and Californian vibes, it’s no wonder why Jet Vesper landed a top spot amongst our submissions this time around.

Spending his time between Australia, the UK, Spain and the US has had a huge impact on the track. Sonically, “Slide Don’t Make A Cruise” reflects his global lifestyle and shows why Vesper has received such high praise in such a short time. His current body of work only proves that his unique, contemporary brand of escapist ‘future jazz pop’ is firmly set to put him on the map.

The single speaks for itself as it really makes you pause to listen. Jet Vesper does a great job exercising his vocal range while also touching on the vibrato that we all love. The production is there and perfectly fits his approach and performance. “Slide Don’t Make A Cruise” is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks of the year. Speaking about the new single, Jet says “Long term relationships come to an end sometimes because they are just dying out, but maybe leaving is the next step of your journey. Once you decide you want a better life, the universe might start moving in that direction for you and maybe then a slide becomes a cruise.” Next on the to-do list for us is Jet Vesper’s debut album “Daybreak at the Electric” and whatever there is to come for the artist in 2023.

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