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Jillian Dowd Impresses With Her Latest Single “Txc”

Jillian Dowd performing her latest single.

“Pueden decir lo que quieran” (they can say what they want). That’s what this single is all about, and Jillian Dowd does a great job bringing it to fruition. An artist born and raised in New York City, Jillian Dowd blends her Hispanic and English roots to produce music that is bound to hit the billboards. This recent reggaeton track “Txc” had us moving in our seats and shocked that talent like this hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. Beginning her career in 2018 with her debut single “High,” Jillian Dowd has been making moves across the world in Medellin, Colombia, where her music and video production is located. Medellin is considered one of the biggest capitals for Pop Urbano, giving Jillian the opportunity to collaborate with local artists and producers.

The trend in music surrounding Women Empowerment is fully embodied by Jillian Dowd in this performance. The accompanying visuals also give that essence of strength with a dark aura feeding into the Tóxica them. The production by Dave el Ingeniero is crisp and clean, making this song radio ready. He was able to construct a beat perfectly around Jillian’s voice as she fell gently into her pocket. Nothing seems forced about this song, and you can tell that the appropriate amount of time was taken to make sure this track was just right.

Bilingual musician, Jillian Dowd

When asked about her feelings towards the track and what she wants the public to know, Jillian Dowd shared “I want the public to feel the music, I want the people to dance and enjoy life. I put a lot of love into my music and this process isn’t easy. I am a full-time college student with a full-time job, but I am not giving up on my dream.” I.S.T.A lives for artists who are this passionate about their music, and you can hear it in “Txc.” The music game is a tough one, but we can’t wait to see what Jillian Dowd delivers next! Be sure to check her out on our I.S.T.A playlist.

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