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Jomo Shows His Soul In “Ecstasy”

A diamond in the rough is shining through this year with an amazing single. Los Angeles based artist Jomo as been writing songs since his childhood and has lived in southern California for the last 7 years. Although he doesn’t have many career highlights, “Ecstasy” is an outstanding beginning to a bright future in music. The song is sensual, romantic, smooth and professionally polished. You wouldn’t even believe this was his first song. Jomo displays his controlled vocal prowess and shows talent with his pen. An immediate head turner, “Ecstasy” should find its way onto your playlist sooner rather than later.

Jomo was able to team up with, producer, Mixtape Seoul for this track, but the future is bright for the young R&B artist. Jomo shared with us that he wanted to paint a seductive, smooth picture with the lyrics. His lines, world play, and storytelling are all top tier. When asked about potential barriers when creating this track, Jomo said “This is my first successful release so yes. Having the right vocals on the song, getting the mix right, promotion…but I’m very excited at how well it’s being received.”

A talent like this doesn’t go unnoticed for too long. I wish there was more I can say, but Jomo has a long career ahead of him and I cannot wait to see his catalog develop. Stay tuned to Jomo and stream “Ecstasy” today!

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