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Kailyn Reflects On The Past With Her Latest Single “Lost Time”

Updated: May 2

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Miami has a new artist releasing her soul into her music, and her name is Kailyn. Singer/songwriter Kailyn Auplan has only been making music for over a year, but she shows some raw talent in her small catalog. The artist based out of Miami, FL shines in “Lost Time”, a track in which Kailyn sings about a past friendship. She realized how one-sided it was after it ended and let’s her feeling out with soft vocals over jazz elements. The track transitions through strings, distorted pop-alternative production and is backed by electric guitar and drums. Kailyn first made headway into her music career with a performance for Breaking Sound in November of 2022.

Being her first time showcasing her own music, Kailyn used the momentum of this performance to release this new single. She teamed up with Theo Braun, Carlo Barbacci, and Caleb Carr to create “Lost Time” and released it through the youth music program, Young Musicians Unite. The track features a wonderful hook that honestly earned itself a top spot amongst our submissions. “And how you feel is not my problem. A willow said it best. Took your weight up off my chest. No, it’s not mine, no.” Kailyn does an excellent job of making her story relatable while also remaining vulnerable and personal. Her vocals flow along with the beat and together it makes a very cohesive track that deserves way more attention.

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When asked about any obstacles she had to face, Kailyn shared “A barrier faced when creating ‘Lost Time’ was production. When I begin a song, I usually write lyrics and create a melody, so the instrumental is built around the lyrics, allowing for many possibilities and because there were so many possible directions to take it, finding one took a few tries. Theo and I took many turns, both left and right, before ‘Lost Time’ became what it sounds like today.” Every artist has a different creative approach to music and Kailyn seems to have found her recipe for success. It takes talent to develop your own melody and lyrics fresh from your mind.

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This form of creation allows for a more personal touch when it comes to production, with Kailyn understanding that her song will forever be original and unique to her.

She wanted people to understand that “this song is a token to myself and to everyone who has ever had to be stronger than the love in their heart. It is meant to empower anyone who has ever been pushed to take their power back and shares the message that you always deserve what’s best.” The talented Miami singer is ready to hit the big stage as she further develops her sound and catalog. We expect big things out of Kailyn and hope to see her skyrocket into stardom.

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