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KEELIN Throws Her Hat Into The Pop Mix With “Don’t Call Me”

Hailing from Ireland, but residing in New York, KEELIN is taking the necessary steps to make sure she is a household name in the Pop genre. With the release of her first single “Don’t Call Me,” KEELIN hopes to lay the foundation for a long music career. She has teamed up with producer 2aminthemorning to create a sonically sound and fun pop anthem that many can relate to.

The inspiration for “Don’t Call Me” stems from faded relationships and mixed signals. KEELIN told us “I wanted to make an anthem for those of us who are sick of having our time wasted by people who are not clear with their intentions. We are too hot, sexy, smart, fun and cool to let people play us like that!” Talk about empowerment! That same energy can be heard throughout the track with it’s fun and lively nature. Witty lines and crisp vocal work make this track stand out from the bunch and leaves us wondering what KEELIN has in store for us. Of course, not everything goes as smooth as it could be, especially with KEELIN taking care of everything independently. Luckily her passion shines through on the project, and we have a solid complete song to add to the list.

KEELIN really wants people to connect with her words and story. We love how she tackled a very common issue in our generation and created art with it. “You should send this song to the person who is trying to waste your time, play games and won’t tell you exactly how they feel!” she explained. It’s this kind of contagious energy that we could all use sometimes. We can’t wait to see what the 2023 version of KEELIN delivers us.

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