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Knightheart Makes Noise In Toledo With “Catch 22”

Updated: May 2, 2023

Toledo Based Artist

Born in the Motor City and made in the Glass City, Knightheart has spent the past 7 years honing in on his sound and what he wants his image to be. As a youth battling chronic homelessness and physical health issues, Knightheart found solace in music, discovering it through deep exploration of self during difficult times. Music provided the power during a period of time where he felt powerless. This power shows itself in his latest full-length project “Catch 22.” Knightheart has been building his career by traveling the Midwest and touring with national artists. This being his second album, the Toledo-based artist has been focusing on shifting the status quo and culture.

“Catch 22” is an alternative rock project with a splash of Trap described as a “coming of age” experience. With key tracks like “Wannabe,” “They Always Say,” and “Fight or Flight,” there is something special for anyone who listens.

Knightheart explains the intentions of this album as him wanting to create a body of work that was more transparent and rawer than his previous projects. “I explored different frequencies of sounds so that I could approach my songwriting and vocal delivery in ways that enabled growth.”

Professional Music Artist

With the goal of combining all that he has learned throughout his journey and magnifying it, Knightheart manifested “Catch 22” and developed it as a window to his soul. The artist delivers on his objective of providing a deep esoteric feeling for people through his art.

The album itself wasn’t meant to exist initially. Knightheart shared “I feel like it was an apple that dropped on my head or something. It was a gift to me, so I want to use it to continue giving.”

Knightheart felt inspired to follow a different sound creatively, not realizing that it would become a full project. After recording 40+ songs that fit the style he was going for, Knightheart eventually trimmed it all down to the final track list. The care he took into selecting the appropriate songs came from the desire to properly and respectfully offer this album to the community and culture. In regards to community, Knightheart recently hosted a Catch 22 Album Release Show in Toledo. The show itself served to not only promote the album, but to also support the Beach House Family Shelter charity with proceeds being donated to said charity.

It seems that all is going well with Knightheart’s path to stardom as his goals are righteous ones. With not only his music, but the MVNIFVST brand to guide, Knightheart is ready to share his message with the world.

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