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Kosta Lois And Jayna Elise Team Up For “Nobody Like Me”

From the love of pop music and with a focus on empowerment, Kosta Lois delivers in his latest collaboration with Jayna Elise. “Nobody Like Me” is an energetic pop smash ready for the big screen. Kosta Lois is a Los Angeles based award-winning producer, composer, songwriter, and musician. Throughout his career, Kosta has built his reputation by recording scores of artists, writing with and producing for dozens of current hit songwriters and artists, all while fine tuning his craft as a true professional. Kosta has seen his music featured on over 91 television series and 225 different episodes on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, PVS, Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Hallmark, Hulu, Netflix and more. With an ear to the ground and a rich musical background and education, Kosta seamlessly fuses current sounding radio-ready pop with the highest degree of artistic musical integrity. Kosta Lois’ experience shows in the production behind “Nobody Like Me.” Everything fits and sounds smooth sonically. The track gives off a very nostalgic feeling while also breathing new life into the pop genre.

The song wouldn’t be complete without excellent vocals from Jayna Elise. Having been performing since the age of 4, Jayna Elise formerly known as Jayna Brown is finally ready to show the world just who she is. You may have seen her on stage with the likes of Tyler Perry, Queen Latifah, Wanya Morris from Boys2men, and many more. With one of her biggest appearances being on the hit TV show, “America’s Got Talent.” Since then, Jayna has continued to hone her craft and, through music, hopes to educate the community on lessons dearest to her including self-love, mental health, and unity.

Kosta Louis really wants people to hear his love for pop music, amazing songs and artists through his production of the song. The lyrics fully embody self-empowerment and the strength behind Jayna’s voice really shows that. When asked about any barriers that had to be overcome when creating this track, Kosta told us “There are always barriers in the music business, but for me the barriers are more about breaking through all of the music that is out there to be heard. I love putting music out though and do it quite often.” Kosta has released a slew of music these last couple years and his growth is apparent. We look forward to hearing what 2023 has for Kosta and his future collaborations. Pop music is very much alive and Kosta Lois his making his impact felt within the scene.

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