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LÉA THE LEOX Shines In Her Single ”When You’re Lonely”

Updated: May 2

When You are Lonely

The budding star based out of Los Angeles is back at it again, and this time with a new track produced by ObieIII titled “When You’re Lonely.” LÉA THE LEOX brings her soft vocals to a deep and ambient soundscape. Taking her music-filled childhood from Brockton, MA and transforming it into a talent for singing we don’t see often, LÉA THE LEOX has quickly built the reputation for having strong vocal control and depth in her songwriting. “When You’re Lonely” sets the tone for her upcoming EP “Purpose,” and details a story of betrayal, reminiscence and overcoming. The single was originally written to grieve a love that was unrequited, with LÉA THE LEOX conveying her emotions of being taken advantage of. We find the singer reflecting on her past relationship and accepting what happened within it. ObieIII also sets himself apart in this track as he has been able to develop a powerful sound, full of breadth, texture and emotion. The vulnerability in “When You’re Lonely” has become a common theme throughout LÉA THE LEOX’s catalog, and it is what makes her enticing as an artist. She excels at relating her content to the masses, understanding that connection and shared experiences are what bring in real fans.

ISTA Artists

LÉA THE LEOX and ObieIII last worked together on “T.V.” a single we graciously discovered here at I.S.T.A. This Nu-Disco Dance-inducing track has generated significant attention across placements, press and social media. The track landed her on the cover of a few notable playlists, including Pop Hype on Audiomack. Along with her success with the press, LÉA THE LEOX has been dominating her live shows. She’s surely creating a buzz with her latest performances around Los Angeles and Chicagoland areas. She even sold out her own headlining show in Chicago. In preparation for her EP, LÉA THE LEOX will be performing a series of shows around Los Angeles with dates for these shows posted on her site. The future is bright for LÉA THE LEOX and there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling for her talent. We cannot wait to keep covering her growth and expect nothing short of amazing from LÉA THE LEOX and her team. Stream "When You’re Lonely” on all platforms and get ready for the “Purpose” EP expected to drop in April of this year.

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