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Let’s Talk About Love With Arei Moon’s Latest Single “Forever Bae”

Updated: May 2

Orlando’s very own Arei Moon takes a reflective look at the bond between her and her husband in “Forever Bae”, the latest track to send shockwaves through Creators Club. Boston born and Orlando raised, Arei Moon has had her toes dipped in musical waters since her youth. Initially stepping on stage as a young child in competitions for top spots in her local talent show, Arei Moon grew up with a dream in mind.

Arei Moon

Throughout her journey, Arei Moon took time to expertly craft her style and finely tune her sound with the utmost immaculate technique. From being a featured guest at events to opening national and international shows for the likes of LL Cool J and Trina, Arei eventually landed a position as the lead singer for B.B. King’s Blues Club in Florida. Her ambition and drive to reveal her musical gifts granted her the fan base she’s been caring for over the years. With the goal of manifesting her dreams, Arei Moon worked tirelessly to become the next big name in the music industry. Arei saw a quick serge forward while competing on American Idol and making it to Hollywood Week, all while also wining the 2017 Orlando Idol competition. She later found herself becoming a member of Team nick Jonas on The Voice, blessing her with exposure to a mass of new fans. Her talent and hard work helped Arei crack into the top 17 on the show’s 18th season. The singer/songwriter, of Cape Verdean descent, uses her charm and vibe to create masterful tracks in an effort to be heard in every household and club worldwide.

With the release of “Forever Bae”, Arei Moon takes another step towards her goal of musical success. The track showcases her dynamic vocal range and tone control over a booming R&B beat surrounded by marching band instrumentation.

Music Artist in USA

Arei Moon teamed up with Santos Silva, NAIVE and Donte Blaise to create this masterful song that’s reminiscence of classic 2000’s vibes. As mentioned before, “Forever Bae” took inspiration from Arei Moon and her husband’s love story, meeting fresh out of High School and having just celebrated their 13th anniversary.Arei has become a well-known name in the city, and tracks like this will only help expand her notoriety. “Forever Bae” provides the right feels for any loving playlist. Creators Club is lucky to have come across Arei Moon and we certainly look forward to her future projects.

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