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LOS LEO Brings It home With “Waking Up Slowly”

Updated: May 2, 2023

Los Leo

Straight out of Southern Australia, LOS LEO delivered us a gem with his latest single “Waking Up Slowly.” The single follows the success of his recently dropped EP “A Mixtape.” Tom Montesi, better known as LOS LEO, started to release music in 2016. Since his beginning, Montesi has kept a close pool of collaborators. His latest sounds began more as a bedroom project, but slowly more and more people entered his musical world. In 2020, when everybody felt more isolated than ever, Montesi set out to build new connections, testing the limits of his ‘80s inspired bedroom pop sound. LOS LEO’s music is rich and neon-lit, feeding on emotion and deep connection with the soul. Witten and produced by Tom Montesi, Ash Gale and Charles Starling, “Waking Up Slowly” does something different than other songs. It really hits you hard in the feels. I can’t tell if the impact comes from the harmony, the lyrics, or the beat, but one thing is certain, this single will leave an impact on anyone who listens.

The LOS LEO project began when personal health issues lead Montesi to explore his music as an escape. The sounds of LOS LEO do exactly that, allowing you to escape into a different world and placing the listener into a different space. Music has always been an important outlet for Montesi, navigating his life as an awkward introvert with terrible social skills. His music has been an outlet both for his emotions and his social connections, learning to open-up to collaborators and counting his friends as his biggest inspiration.

Los Leo Project

Through his career, fans have watched the progress from the intimate styling of debut single “Veins” to the bold honesty and uplifting positivity of 2020’s double release “See You Again/Full Circle.” As the releases build, so too do the accolades. LOS LEO has featured on playlists including New Music Friday, Chill Party, Fresh Hits and Vibe Out. Several of his releases have notched up close to 2 million streams with support coming in from the likes of triple j, Pilerats and Acid Stag. Before the pandemic brought touring to a halt, he completed a sold out run around the country as the support act for LANY.

LOS LEO delivers music that connects people and touches hearts. There’s something to say for anybody talented enough to do so. We love that “Waking Up Slowly” came up on our radar and can’t wait to dive into 2023 and hear what else LOS LEO has for us.

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