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Pangeea Turns Heads With “Politics X Livid”

The biggest surprise of the week, Pangeea, has taken a step into the right direction and shocked everyone at I.S.T.A with her limited release “Politics X Livid.” Currently only available on Limewire, “Politics X Livid” puts you in a trance. From straight Boom Bap Hip Hop with strong bars to some deep new age Phonk following an experimental transition. The bass hits hard and the flows hit harder. Pangeea got me listening to this track over and over again, appreciating every aspect of it. I only wish the track was available everywhere to stream because this is different in the best way possible. A self-proclaimed never-ending series of waves from Broward County, Florida, Pangeea pushes the boundaries of her music and sound, creating tracks that separate her from the masses. Discovering her taste for music at the age of 10, rap has always been prominent in her life. Her latest debut of “Politics X Livid” has been displayed on Limewire’s social media and hopefully expected to come to Spotify and Apple Music.

Pangeea told us that she wants the world to understand the meaning of Pangeea as she goes through different genres and vibes, hence the idea of waves. “Sometimes I’m on a wave and sometimes I’m rowdy like our mother earth. Pangeea is symbolic for connecting the world just as music does. I look forward to sharing more vibes.” The South Florida artist seems to have a good grasp of the creative process and with her varied approach, it seems like everything is on the table for her growth in music. Pangeea has already become somebody I will be keeping an eye out for. Keep this track bumping during your car rides and I know you won’t be disappointed. I would love to see Pangeea step a little more into Phonk, what she can create will be nothing short of amazing.

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