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Porter Gannon Expresses His Art In Classic Form

Updated: May 2

It’s night time, and we find Porter Gannon singing in front of a 24-hour diner with the streetlights and storefront lights highlighting the somber feeling provided by his latest single “Night Watch.” With it’s release in August, Porter has garnered the attention of his fans who have all grown to love his film style, along with the authenticity of his music. The smooth guitar backdrop ties in with the melody portrayed in his vocals to express the feelings inside Porter Gannon’s heart. It’s different, genuine, and very much his own.

Porter Gannon

When talking about the project, Porter wanted the public to fulfill their artistic vision rather than conforming to what people tell you is correct, cool, or current. His emphasis on uniqueness is not only heard in his words but also in his sound.

A musician and filmmaker from San Diego, CA, Porter Gannon understands that the balance between film work and music can be difficult to master. When asked about any barriers that needed to be overcome, Porter told us “When producing your own film projects there is a lot to take into account. For the creative process, it comes to scenery, wardrobe, shot list, and any editing and vfx. On the technical side, it would be getting a crew, location, permission, and the actual performance which is more difficult to manage.” Although there were clear bumps on the road, Porter Gannon persevered as he has done with all of his projects.

 Porter Gannon

He does an excellent job of implementing the right look and feel to his videos. As his love of neon and nighttime vibes are evident in “Night Watch,” Porter also finds his signature style lies within the way films in the 80’s and 90’s were done. Overall, Porter Gannon has

taken another step in his music career. Mixing his authentic sound with his talent behind the camera, Porter Gannon is expected to shine even brighter.

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