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Sam Opoku Switches Up His Flow In “Wish”

Updated: May 2

Sam Opoku

From pushing his vocal range on tracks like “Old” to dropping bars over lo-fi beats, Ghanaian American singer, songwriter, and producer Sam Opoku has been known to excel in whatever he dips his toes in. The Arizona based artist has taken his recent success and further developed his sound on his latest single “Wish” with the help of his director Rd3. Sam Opoku, who was last seen performing in front of thousands during a Phoenix Suns halftime show and has seen his song “Yellow” featured on Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”, opens up his heart with smooth flows and soft vocals on “Wish.”

“I’m fighting Satan forever, I’m not down with the dude, he taking me for a fool. I talk to the King of kings, he been showing me things, I’m tapping into the truth.” The lo-fi vibes are strong with this one, providing a calming ambience and allowing listeners to sit back and thoroughly listen to Sam Opoku’s soul. Sam found the inspiration for “Wish” within talking about things that happen in his life, things that everyday people could be going through. Being one of four songs from his latest EP “Neverland,” isn’t done wowing us with amazing music. This is the second time Sam has made his way into our top artists, and we see a long, successfully career in his future.

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