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Start Your Mornings Right With Exit Moon’s “Monday"

Updated: May 2

Nigerian American Musician

Originality is hard to find sometimes in the world today, but Exit Moon delivered us a gem full of complexity and uniqueness. “Monday” is the kind of track you listen to when you’re getting ready for the day, setting the right vibe and definitely being playlist worthy. Exit Moon teamed up with Ethan Smith and Grant Lepping to create this genre bending track and to also develop her album “Who Am I To Force Your Love?” Danielle Akinwande, also known as Exit Moon, is a Nigerian American musician who is based out of Atlanta. Singing in churches since the young age of 8, Exit Moon trained to be a choral singer and later transitioned to pop music. She has found a niche pairing experimental and alternative sounds with R&B elements. She began her music career in 2019 and has released her debut album last December. “Monday” dances around bedroom pop, jungle, and alternative sounds. I mentioned complexity earlier, but that’s really what makes this track stand out so much. The ability Exit Moon shows to change her flow and vocal approach to fit the vibe of the beat is nothing short of amazing. With more time further developing her sound and lyrical prowess, Exit Moon is only going to get better and better.

Nigerian American Musician

When asked about the track’s inspiration, Exit Moon shared “My biggest inspiration behind this project was exploration of self. I dove headfirst into my self-love journey and everything surrounding it. I reflected a lot about my past relationships, the way I acted in them, and the lengths I went to make myself feel wanted and loved.” Her intentions are relatable, and it shows in her music. Exit Moon is all in on the wave of Female Empowerment, showing her strength and ability to self-reflect. She also told us “The biggest barrier I overcame was myself. It is natural to feel fear when it comes to artistic expression, but I found leading up to this project I was operating heavily out of doubt and insecurity. So much so, I wasn’t taking a chance on myself. It is rewarding to finally release a body of work primarily for myself and anyone else who resonates with it. This project pushed me to believe in myself and my art.”

Exit Moon made “Monday” and her album “Who Am I To Force Your Love?” as a therapeutic release, giving her the space to trust herself and her creative process. The project is a form of self-discovery, traversing different emotions and memories to find solace. With the release of her latest music, Exit Moon hopes that others also find the confidence to embark on this journey, being a voice for the voiceless. We’re excited to see what comes next in her music career.

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