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Stay Up And Move With LÉA THE LEOX’s Latest Single

Updated: May 2, 2023

Lea The Leox

There is some new star power emerging from Los Angeles in the form of LÉA THE LEOX. The California-native singer and songwriter has been working hard these last couple years on her sound, culminating in her latest single “T.V.” A song inspired by casual hook ups and reclaiming the power of doing as you please, “T.V.” blends fun and catchy lyrics with a carefree sassiness on an energetic beat. From first listen, you can’t help but smile and move your body to the rhythm of the track.

Just like LÉA THE LEOX said, “It’s okay to have fun and not take things so seriously.” She shared with us that this was a new sound for her, filling her up with excitement to where her music can take her now. Having musicians for parents, LÉA THE LEOX was immersed in the music industry since her childhood, contributing to her captivating presence in the studio and on the stage. Pulling from her life experiences, LÉA THE LEOX combines her sweet melodies and thoughtful lyrics with progressive production to help usher in this new ear of R&B music.

Lea The Leox

When asked about any barriers that needed to be overcome while creating this track, LÉA THE LEOX told us “There’s some hesitancy for me at times with speaking so openly about sexuality, especially as a woman. This was something I had to overcome and find confidence in because I love the representation of strong, independent and sexually liberated people and I felt this song needed to be shared, not just for other, but for myself as well.” The strength behind this song is evident and it’s nice to see an artist be open with there views on life. “T.V.” is a great single to break the ice on this topic, and should serve as the platform from which LÉA THE LEOX can further develop her music.

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