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Step Into The World Of Sophie Louise With “Let the Phone Ring”

Updated: May 2, 2023

Sophie Louise

With a blend of harmony, soft vocals, and meaningful lyrics, Sophie Louise has introduced us to her unique sound and looks to expand her growing catalog with beautiful and timeless tracks. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Sophie Louise’s love for music began with singing lessons at the age of 5 when she developed an obsession for Phantom of the Opera. Attending UNR for a couple years, Sophie would find herself hiding in the little music rooms to play and sing whenever she was able to. In 2020, the lockdown due to COVID gave her more time to sit and learn how to write her own songs and develop her artistry. With a budding songwriting skillset and trained vocals, Sophie Louise made the move to Nashville, where she is currently based out of, in order to pursue a career in music. The work she has put in has led to releases such as “All Summer Long”, “Have You Ever Been Alone?” and “Stray Thread”. Although all of her music shows growth and talent, “Let the Phone Ring” is that perfect blend of folk-inspired pop and country.

“Let the Phone Ring” was completed with the help of Ryan Corn, Micah Tawlks and Phillip Bova, with the songwriting done completely by Sophie Louise herself. The way she expresses her feelings with clear lyrics and a broad vocal range really makes this song stand out from the rest. When asked about the inspiration behind this track, Sophie shared “I did not know anyone when moving to Nashville, so I found myself feeling lonely a lot. This led to me falling back into some old habits that felt comfortable but weren’t best for me.

Music Artist in USA

One day when I was feeling low, I realized I was just getting in my own way. So I sat down and wrote ‘Let the Phone Ring’, which is still my favorite song of mine.” Overcoming these mental barriers and pushing through to complete the project is what led to the birth of this amazing single. With this being the first track that was fully produced and that she loves, the masses should tune in and witness the birth of a star. Fully expect us to cover Sophie Louise again as she ventures forward in her music career.

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