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Sysia DaNae Keeps It Real With “Keep It US”

Updated: May 2

Sysia DaNae

Smooth vocals and an old R&B vibe, Sysia DaNae has delivered us a treat with her latest single “Keep it US.” The Dallas, Texas native has had a music ability that’s been said to have been noticeable since birth. The 15-year-old artist draws inspiration from all genres of music lending to her versatile and unique sound. Sysia DaNae’s first official stage debut was at the age of 10 in the North Texas Children’s Choir. She was also a recent finalist in the DFW Icons competition for the songwriter category, being the youngest contestant to do so. Sysia told us “I’ve been making music since I can remember, but have been actively writing, recording and singing my own music for 2 years.” This recent drop follows the release of her debut single “Head Up” in June of 2022 and her follow up single “B.A.B.Y” in October.

Keep it US” shows Sysia DaNae expressing her vocal range, performing with smooth transitions between lower soft tones and her peak notes. There are subtle harmonies in the track to back up the easy-to-understand lyrics and story of the song. “See usually I get chose, but now I’m choosing you.” The beat itself serves as the backdrop for Sysia DaNae as she shows herself to be the star in this production.

To follow up a good start in 2022, Sysia DaNae is planning to drop her first EP titled “B.F.A.B (Born From a Boombox)” in the Spring of 2023. Sysia explains “the name itself is what my parents have called me since birth. This EP takes you through a recap of the past couple years for me. I’ve been on a journey of ups and downs, love, heartbreak and dancing through it.” Sysia hopes that this EP serves as a time capsule of what we have all been dealing with and has her sights set on relatability. Backing this project, Sysia employed the help of Elliot Stroud for production, MynameMitchy and MizzCates for lyrics and vocal composition, and Chris Cutta Baldwin for the engineering.

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Sysia DaNae shared some of her recent struggles with us as well. When asked about any barriers that may have impeded her progress, she explained “COVID was a huge hurdle. Life shut down it felt like and everyone was affected in their own personal way…We had a lot of family stuff going on as well. We originally wanted to drop the EP this year, but we had to slow down and take some pauses.” As many artists have had to do, Sysia DaNae has found a way around these obstacles and is finally on the right track. We know that she is excited for the release of her EP and fully expect it to tell the story she imagined. “I truly feel like each song is a different piece to the puzzle and you can just press play with no drop off between songs.” We can’t wait to hear Sysia Danae’s upcoming project “B.F.A.B (Born From a Boombox).”

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