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Tavia Ellis Brings The Soul With Passion Flower

Updated: May 2, 2023

Written By: Xavvi


Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Smooth melodies and deep lyrics blend to form a song created with hope and passion. Tavia Ellis has

teamed up with Caroline to release “Passion Flower,” a track that embodies true love and desire.

Hailing from Toldeo, Ohio, Tavia Ellis has been recording music since 2018, working with other local artists to

truly discover her sound.

This path of discovery has led us to a single in which poetic hymns ride

alongside a soft and soulful beat. When asked for the inspiration behind the track, Tavia Ellis said “Love,

of course.

True love. As Caroline and I sat with each other listening to beats, this one really spoke to our hearts.” The process of spewing out words to what felt like a connecting beat soon bled into old poetry that coincidentally fit with the overall vibe of the project. The desire for love and preparation for a future of happiness are prevalent in the powerful vocals, leaving the listener with a message that resonates with the masses.

“The space between/You and me/It’s magnetic, kinetic/I’m having fantasies.” The creativity and imagination in this track would excite any new listeners, and wo

rd on the block is that Tavia Ellis is currently writing her first album. With the support she has received since her first single “Infatuation” until now, Tavia seems to be ready to take the next step in her music career. In preparation for this upcoming album, feel free to play “Passion Flower” while you serenade that special


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