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TDott Delivers With “Lost & Found”

Updated: May 2, 2023

Artist TDott

Toronto born artist TDott has made some quality music in his short career, but the Canadian rapper stands out with his latest single “Lost & Found.” Beginning his music journey in 2017, TDott is currently based out of Edmonton, Alberta. His career began on SoundCloud, focusing on getting his voice out to the public while also developing his unique sound.

Seeing some success on his EP “Against All Odds” has led to the development of “Lost & Found” in 2023. The emotional lyrics sit well with the deep ambience provided by the beat. You can hear the Toronto influence in his sound and TDott’s vulnerability really let’s this track shine. Production from Dan Vucko highlights TDott’s vocal range, blending well with his cadence and flow. The track shows a promising young artist fighting with his darker thoughts. We’re glad to join TDott’s journey as he continues to produce quality music.

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