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Texas Soul And R&B Melodies Shine With Sysia DaNae’s “B.A.B.Y”

Singer and songwriter, Sysia DaNae, has found herself on another top 5 ranking, this time with her late 2022 release “B.A.B.Y” featuring Coriano Gipson. The talented teen has shown promise in her young career, dropping amazing tracks in the form “Head Up” and “Keep It US,” the latter having just been released with an all-new music video showing Sysia DaNae’s lovable creativity. With all the achievements she’s had already, another to add to the list is a music championship she has recently won that awarded her the opportunity to get 2 of her songs mastered at the legendary Abby Road studios. This victory, a long with her content release consistency, has been building up anticipation for her upcoming EP “B.F.A.B.

B.A.B.Y” came together thanks to Sysia’s whole team, including: MyNameMitchy, Mizzcates, Blind for love and Cutta Classic Productions. The track was inspired by the hustle and grind required to remain in the entertainment industry. Sysia shared with us “It’s hard to be in a relationship when you’re driven and don’t always have time to be hanging out. ‘B.A.B.Y’ (bad at being yours) is kinda my “Boy bye, I’m busy chasing my dreams” song and Coriano’s verse is the “Girl bye” side.” This song serves as Sysia DaNae’s first collaboration with Coriano Gipson. Managing the workload from different locations and balancing music with her education all proved to be obstacles that Sysia had to overcome. The visuals for this project are in the works as of now and we’re excited to see the final product. With this being one of Sysia’s favorite tracks on her upcoming project, we are all looking forward to hearing what collection of music her and her team are planning to put together.

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