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The Jeremy Rowe Band Turns Heads With “Keep Me On Lockdown”

Updated: May 2

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Fresh off their debut album “Tonight I’m Feelin’ Country,” the Jeremy Rowe Band shared a gem with us in the form of “Keep Me On Lockdown,” a featured track on the album. The album will have you “tapping your toes, two stepping, and all up in your feels.” This track alone is so well-produced and structured that even a person who isn’t a fan of country would be impressed. Jeremy and his co-songwriters have used life experiences with family, fun, loss and good ol’ country livin’ to create music that will serve as the beginning of a long career. Fully independent and self-produced, the Jeremy Rowe Band has thrown their hat into the country ring, and we expect them to come out as winners.

The Jeremy Rowe Band, from Oklahoma City, OK, formed in January of 2022. The band itself is comprised mostly of dads, just loving, living and enjoying life. Each member is passionate about music with various backgrounds and bring that passion to the band. Front man and writer, Jeremy Rowe formed the band with the intention of amplifying his songs. Since inception, they’ve traveled the US in a school bus and had the opportunity to play in front of crowds ranging from the local bar to opening for the likes of Clint Black for thousands of people. “Keep Me On Lockdown” will have you feeling the romance. We see Jeremy flexing a soft vocal range and delivering line by line with the smoothest precision. With the track and album being self-produced, it both surprises and amazes me how crisp it all came out to be.

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When we asked about the obstacles the band had to face while creating this project, they responded “Being independent, and most of us being dads, time and money were the biggest hurdles, as is likely for most beginning art projects.” We know that this is just the beginning for the Jeremy Rowe Band. 2023 should be filled with even more bangers as the group hones in and perfects their sound even more. We can hear the passion in the music and would love to see them become a household country name for years to come.

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