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Xavvi Makes A Statement With His New EP “Long Way Home”

After working in silence, Xavvi delivers on his promise to fans with his latest EP release “Long Way Home.” Coming after a slew of singles where the Orlando-Based artist experimented to see what his existing fans enjoyed and appreciated most, “Long Way Home” is the perfect collection of tracks to elaborate Xavvi’s varied approach to music. Hailing from Connecticut and currently based out of Orlando, FL, Xavvi has spent the last few years homing in on his unique sound and finding a way to separate himself from the pack of talented artists in his area. While some say he’s late to the game, Xavvi feels as if is he just approaching his pocket, using his life experiences to add depth to his songs. Since his debut single release “Regret” in 2019, Xavvi has accelerated the growth process and progressed rapidly over a few years to create radio ready music and stories that connect with people on a deeper level than normal.

Long Way Home” is the first of two EPs Xavvi has planned to release, the second coming sometime early next year. The title was thought up to encapsulate the concept of traveling a far distance to achieve new dreams and aspirations. It also serves as an introduction to Xavvi’s broad approach to music. His goal has always been to hit different segments of music listeners and being able to trigger different emotions. Each track on the EP has a similar, yet different feel to it, allowing for a cohesive listening session from beginning to end while also permitting each track to be distinguishable from the others. “Long Way Home” came together with the help of multiple individuals. Riko Tha’ Producer, TheBroWill and Andrew Consuma make up the production with Riko Tha’ Producer mastering the entire project, and the EP features verses from Samad Savage and long-time friend LaÜni.

The project starts off strong with “What’s up Now,” a hyped track with a focus on cadence, flow and structure. A personal favorite for performances, “What’s up Now” taps into what’s popular in today’s music while also displaying more intricate lyricism. Phonetically the song works, as each word flows seamlessly with the other, foreshadowing what’s to come in the project. It’s a nice blend of confident bars and life reflection. “What’s up Now” is all about speaking success into existence. The intro track is followed by “No Other Way,” a song with a similar cadence and tempo, allowing for a clean transition. In “No Other Way,” Xavvi tackles the realities of his life’s struggles and different motivations in his life from being raised by a single mother, to surpassing expectations placed on him. The track serves as another blend of confidence, empowerment, and a humble understanding of his beginnings.

Taking a step away from the hype tracks, Xavvi teams up with Samad Savage to deliver strict lyricism in the form of “Odysseus.” The previously released single shows the two artists bouncing off each other’s flows, creating a song that requires multiple listens to catch every line and meaning. Samad Savage is the first relatively big feature in Xavvi’s catalog, and the production by Riko Tha’ Producer brought it all together. Shifting the mood down to a softer tone, Xavvi delivers with “Go for the Win.” The track made for sync, “Go for the Win” has fun basketball references and real-life moments that allow listeners to take a glimpse into Xavvi’s mind and childhood.

From “Go for the Win” we escape into a trance of a song titled “Through the Night.” The song was initially created after a studio session with a local artist where the beat was first shown to him. Taking the beat and driving back home, Xavvi developed the backbone of the hook and first verse while on the road. The beat really spoke to him and allowed him to take a step back from strict lyricism and instead, have some fun. A laid-back track with a loose story of a toxic relationship and self-realization, “Through the Night” blends in some chill bars with a bit of soft vocals that transition well into the final song in this project.

Long Way Home” ends off on a softer and well-produced note. “Hard to Love” features Orlando-based LaÜni and is the best way to show off Xavvi’s versatility. Sitting at a comfortable tone, Xavvi is able to deliver a love story, expressing loyalty and compassion through arguments and troubles. Showing that no matter how many problems may arise, love can always surpass them as long as both parties are willing. Of course, it wouldn’t be Xavvi if he didn’t throw in a little rap, but the basis of the track lies in R&B. Smooth, romantic vocals ride the Riko Tha’ Producer produced beat to create a beautiful track fit for any playlist or movie. The second verse is dominated by LaÜni as she delivers her interpretation of love and balance within a potentially unhealthy relationship. She relays her true feelings while also sharing her desire for a better life, finally being able to focus on herself. The two artists join in on the final bridge and chorus in perfect harmony, a great way to end “Hard to Love.

The “Long Way Home” EP is the first of 2 small projects created to express versatility and experimentation. Xavvi is early in his music career, but looks forward to taking his music out of Florida and into the limelight. True appreciation for music can only come from genuine interest in the artist, and Xavvi knows that too well. “I’m not trying to sell my music to people. They can love my sound, but real success comes when those same people love the person behind the music.” This EP will set the tone for Xavvi’s career going forward and hopefully we can look back at it as the beginning of something amazing.

With a mature and developed perspective of life, Xavvi has begun working towards his own personal sound, leading to the release of his first EP “Long Way Home.” The EP release comes after a slew of singles in which the Orlando-based artist experimented to see what his existing fans enjoyed and appreciated most. Throughout his time up north, he fell in love with the New York Hip Hop scene while also fancying the subtle R&B of the early 2000’s. This led to his list of musical inspirations ranging from the likes of Fabolous and 50 Cent to Ne-Yo and Trey Songz. Recent influences also include Russ, XXXTentacion, Scarlxrd, and 6lack. It’s this wide variety of tastes that makes it difficult to pinpoint his perfect sound, and as a result Xavvi has led his music towards multiple paths. Working diligently to develop his efficiency in different genres, Xavvi looks to expand his range in order to reach out to more potential listeners and collaborate with people of all different walks of life.

Music has given Xavvi the opportunity to work with various people at difference capacities. Recording vocals for features, aiding in songwriting, and even stepping into the world of the press and writing for different publications such as Creator’s Club, Vuulm, and Room Noise. Dipping his toes in different waters, Xavvi hopes to expand his footprint within the music industry and make a name for himself. “I’m not trying to sell my music to people. They can love my sound, but real success comes when those same people love the person behind the music.” Always willing to work and collaborate towards a greater goal, Xavvi remains eager for the future as he balances life, relationships and music.

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