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Time To Get “Closer” With DVMA

Love music is back with Brooklyn-born DVMA. Bars blend with melody in her most recent single “Closer,” giving us a classic sound with a modern take. Born Anelia Lomsky to two Soviet refugees, DVMA has been rapping since the tender age of 16 in a juvenile detention center. She then started recording and performing in the New York City underground scene under the name Dama Nilz.

Having built a strong following through her captivating performances and magnetic music videos, she chose to leave New York and move to Austin, TX in 2017. The move was meant to gain peace of mind and a break from the mayhem up north. With a newfound clarity on life, along with meeting her partner and collaborator DATBOYCRAIG,

DVMA had the tools and inspiration she needed to embark on her greatest transformation. She began making vulnerable and personal music, dyed her hair blonde, and changed her name to DVMA. The V in her name was meant to honor Vice Verses, EODUB founder and her friend that passed away in 2020. A new vibe eventually led to a whole new audience of women, and the creation of “Gangsta B*tch Love Songs,” an album embodying DVMA’s motif. Now that she’s returned to Brooklyn, DVMA, DATBOYCRAIG, and her childhood friends started a label called So So Grimey, helping other local artists as wells as putting out her own. Along with “Closer,” DVMA has also recently released “SKUNT 101.”

Closer” is a perfect blend of rap and soul, something rare these days with the current market for music. It’s the kind of track that gives 90’s vibes and brings us back to a simpler time. DVMA told us her inspiration for this track came from love, "being in a relationship with a producer (who is also the co star of this video), everything I do is part of a series called “gangsta b*tch love songs.” Basically for the people that care, in a world where we are told caring is weakness, I try to show that vulnerability is strength."

DVMA has seen her music take her to places few have gone, from performing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to opening up for The LOX and Wu-Tang Clan. She has also done performances at Vans Warped Tour and SXSW. We here at I.S.T.A. love the vibes that “Closer” brings and expect everyone to love it too. The single was produced by Track Pros and mastered by Launchpad Aime. The visuals for this track are also fire, directed by Anthony Dash. From the smooth vocals to deep flows, DVMA is delivering a little something for everyone.

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