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Updated: May 2


If RnB is your thing, you found your next new discovery. Wooch is a wizard at composing, producing, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering music. Wooch is mainly an RnB singer with a fantasy-esque energy. Yet his cadence is classic enough to make you feel remnants of your favorite early 2000s RnB classics. I am here to tell you his story through my eyes!

My name is Abby Sarabia, and I had the pleasure of co-creating many works of art with Wooch. This article is written from my perspective. Let's dive into it!

Humble Beginnings

Wooch was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He reached 6’5 at 16 and was naturally encouraged to play sports. But his love of music kept him inspired off the court. Wooch has been a music enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist since his teens. His sound was initially shaped by the classic trailblazers of slow jams; Usher, Chris, All 90s RnB, you get it.


In his early 20s, Wooch found his way to Las Vegas, Nevada, and called it home for a few years. He sought creative expansion and change of scene. The impact the move had on his sound was so evident. I love his release, Ruin Your Mind, featuring Vegas artist Diamond B. I think it is evidence of how much his craft was evolving.

RnB Singer, Wooch, pointing at the Las Vegas sign upon his arrival after leaving Toledo, Ohio.
Wooch moving to Las Vegas from Toledo, Ohio. Circa 2017.

A True Love Story

When Wooch came home, it was immediately purposeful. Within a month of being in Toledo, he met his true love and now the mother of his child at a mutual friend's party. The song below, Right On Time, is the story of their instantaneous connection, energetic ties, and uncanny timing. According to them, they were manifesting each other, and the universe answered.

When Passion Meets Creativity

From the years of 2018 - 2020, Wooch released independent masterpieces. I believe in this time in his life, he was fueled by true love, vacations in the desert, and creative freedom. He composed, wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, and distributed genius singles like desert eyes, lava, spider hands, and more.

Dream Filter

In March of 2021, he and I met for a session just to shoot shit. I think at this time, we both had creative seeds we needed to water. In that two-hour session, we made three beautiful songs. Immediately we knew it was bigger than a session. The second time we met, it was different in a good way. He was a dad now, and I knew something amazing would happen in this session. It just so happened that Petie Rodriguez, his partner's cousin and phenomenal guitarist, was hanging around.

Wooch: "Petie, will you lay something down over this?"

Petie: "Yup."

Wooch *pulls up a five-minute skeleton of a beat* - "See what you can do on this."

Abby: "Just press record and let this man play."

Petie: "Shreds oh so gracefully perfect for 5 minutes straight."

This interaction gave life to Dream Filter, a place we had conceptualized around these explosive sessions. Throughout this album, you can hear how effortless it was for us to get lost in this new world we had created. Inspired by our reality, family, and love, we released our co-op project in January of 2022, Dream Filter.

Dream Filter Album Release Party

What's Next

I cannot speak for Wooch, but if I know one thing about him, he is never finished. His music is his documentation of life through his eyes, and I must say it's beautifully written. If you enjoyed this story, give him a follow, and a listen. Being the true RnB wizard, he does not disappoint.

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